Game Characters Men With Top Design Boyband

Game Characters Men With Top Design Boyband

With the influx of Japanese and Korean culture which is very intense, Indonesia is experiencing a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry, especially music. No longer again adorned with only the musicians and bands, we began to adopt the concept of “girl group / boyband / idol” who is more familiar in the countries of East Asia. Not merely offering his vocal abilities, this concept is also designed to make visual and lifestyle as the main selling value. Interestingly, he began to develop into a trend followed by many teenagers, especially in terms of appearance and get madden mobile here.

Cultural adaptation itself is actually already happening in the gaming industry for a long time. There are two visual trends that always makes the developers fell on the same cliche concept: offering design too sensual female characters or character design offers a man who looks too ‘boyband’. Boyband here certainly did not highlight his vocal abilities or dancing every character of this madden mobilegame. But more suitable to describe the design of which is usually too feminine visually, or because the character traits that actually looks weak. Hair design became one of the elements that could be considered as an indicator.

Interestingly, most of the characters are present with this design grows and comes from Japanese developers, which indeed have experienced the concept of boy band and idol for a long time. While the games were born from Western developers always carries a design that actually expose excessive masculinity. Muscle, blood, strong character and present mercilessly as contrary to what had been attempted imaged by the Japanese and visit .

So of all the male game characters in the game industry, whichever is appropriate characters are worthy as the most ‘boyband’?

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