Ensure Sony PS controller 4 Can Be Used in PC

Ensure Sony PS controller 4 Can Be Used in PC

If we are talking about one of the benefits of Xbox 360 than the competitor – Playstation 3, then the quality of the controller that he offers indeed be regarded as a key selling points. Not only an ergonomic design that makes it the first choice, but compatibility with the PC makes it a mainstay for dealing with games that are more comfortable playing with the controller. To assure themselves not left behind in the competition “small” this one, Sony is also pursuing the same function for their next-gen consoles – Playstation 4 you can visit http://www.gamezhacktool.com .

After a rumored a while ago, Sony finally officially announced that the Playstation 4 controllers will be used in a “default” for PC. This means you do not need to download any particular program to run on a computer. The big brass – Shuhei Yoshida ensure that through their official Twitter account, but revealed that this function is only valid for standard functions – analog and the main switch. While other buttons are used for special functions Playstation 4 will not be used.
Sony Playstation 4 will make sure the controller can be used directly on the PC, but only to access basic functions such as analog and the main switch.

Could this policy shift the position of the Xbox 360 controller which admittedly is the belle of the moment? We wait for his behavior was.

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