Deus Ex to the Next Generation Console Middle Prepared

Deus Ex to the Next Generation Console Middle Prepared

As if not affected by the discharge of the president, Ian Livingstone, Eidos some time ago even announced their new game projects, namely Deus Ex for PC and next-generation console. The new game is called as part of a “program Deus Ex: Universe” is now in the early stages of workmanship by the team that used to deal with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Tim developer Eidos Montreal alone for the moment is still not ready to disclose more information related to the new game. They prefer to keep closely the information currently available, in addition to information related to the platform that has been announced, and will be open at the right time. They only mentioned that the new game will focus on the search Cyber ​​Renaissance ideal.

According to David Anfossi, head of Eidos Montreal, the experience gained during the development team working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution will certainly be very useful in developing the new game. However, due to the time definitely to work on the game, the Eidos Montreal still can not confirm it, which means that for the moment the game is also still has no definite release date and visit .

Furthermore, Anfossi explained, in addition to games for the PC and next-generation console, the Deus Ex: Universe will also be filled by a Deus Ex game for gadgets, novels and other books related to Deus Ex. Unfortunately, just like a new game for the PC and next-generation consoles such, the Eidos Montreal also has not revealed any other information related to Deus Ex: Universe.

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