Dayz Reach 88 Thousand Downloads In 12 Hours

Dayz Reach 88 Thousand Downloads In 12 Hours

The gamer looks very excited to welcome the presence of zombie survival game stylized open-world, Dayz. Within just 12 hours, the game is immediately downloaded over 88 thousand times.

“About 200 new players every second today,” said Dean Hall of Bohemia, developer Dayz, through his Twitter account.

Though, Dayz has released an Alpha version and certainly still contains many bugs and various other problems when played. But it seems this did not dampen the interest of gamers who are already curious about the game hack mobile strike .

To be able to taste the Early Access from Dayz, gamers must spend USD 29.99. Later, their participation will help Bohemia in perfecting this game.

Bohemia itself has warned that Dayz is still in the development stage and full of bugs. They advise the players not to buy and play before really understand what the purpose of the Early Access and interested in participating during the development phase.

Reaching 88 thousand downloads in 12 hours for a game with Alpha status and priced $ 29.99 was remarkable. Hopefully, this success makes Bohemia increasingly eager to quickly resolve Mobile Strike and release it in the perfect version. We’ll wait!

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