Capcom Starts Developing Street Fighter V

Capcom Starts Developing Street Fighter V

Improved improvements continue to be launched to ensure Street Fighter is emerging as one of the most competitive and balanced fighting games in the industry today. Capcom’s commitment is indeed worthy of thumbs up, regardless of the release of various versions that are often seen as simply an attempt to get more money instantly. Releasing Ultra Street Fighter IV in the near future, this latest version will contain a variety of new characters and of course – balancing that makes it more comfortable to play at a more competitive level. But with so many new gaming projects sliding on a more powerful platform generation, the question of magnitude is of course one, is Capcom never planning to move towards the Mobile LegendsĀ  series?

This question itself was answered by Yoshinori Ono – the “father” franchise who actually threw pessimistic wave of its own. A few months ago, Ono revealed that Capcom itself did not have enough budget to start the process of developing Street Fighter V, and has never been a priority of this Japanese publisher.

It seems slow, Capcom’s own attitude began to soften. Ono revealed that the initial development process is being done, although it is still in the planning stage. Through his official Twitter account, Ono also denied that how hackĀ  Mobile Legends will carry the system “Pay to Win” later, such as speculation that had circulated along the E3 2014 yesterday.

With the new development process entering the early stages, it is difficult to predict when we will actually be able to see or taste directly Street Fighter V this. How about you? What do you expect most from this latest series in the future? Can i get some Evil And or Shin Dan?

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