Capcom: Resident Evil Fans Too Old!

Capcom: Resident Evil Fans Too Old!

Where gamers who have never heard the name before Resident Evil? Franchise who popularized the survival-horror genre in the past is indeed growing into a legend of its own, becoming the best monument to prove how fears turned out to be a selling point can not be underestimated in the gaming industry. Along with the times, Resident Evil also required to adapt to the tastes of the market. Apart from the desire of the older fans, Capcom started injecting the action which is more pronounced in every new series is released. What makes Capcom took the direction of the development of the franchise like this? The reason is quite simple. Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle fans considered too old.

This is revealed by Capcom on the site of their investors. With a franchise that reached the age of nearly 18 years, Capcom confirms that most of the main Resident Evil fans now are in the age of 30-40 years. With the average age also continues to increase, the fans will no longer be considered relevant in the next few years and are no longer seen as a potential market. Therefore, Resident Evil is now designed to attract generations of gamers who are much younger, ensure that there are always new players are introduced to the legendary franchise on this one. The latest way they jajal? Collaborating with renowned fashion brands are popular among young people.
Capcom says that the main class of Resident Evil fans are now too old to be considered relevant. With the age range of 30-40 years, fans have believed slowly, will leave the gaming industry. Therefore, they should target Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni gratuit  for the younger market.

With this kind of policy certainty and gaming trend that was already changed much since the first time he was released, Resident Evil likely to continue to be designed to follow the current generation of gamers and increasingly leave what is desired by the first generation of the series.

How about you? What do you want most in the Resident Evil series 7 later? Legacy sensation like the series early Resident Evil? Or taste of action which often diasosasikan with “young people”?

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