Also Ubisoft Delays Release Racing Game – The Crew

Also Ubisoft Delays Release Racing Game – The Crew

The enthusiasm shown by gamers for all new projects being developed they did not ensure that Ubisoft to accelerate the release of all the latest games. In contrast, developer and publisher of this one actually comes with the bad news is pretty astounding. With the release time staying a month and great anticipation of gamers, Ubisoft just announced the postponement of the release of Watch Dogs from November 2013 into the spring of 2014. The reason? To ensure the final quality in accordance with the standard. However, Watch Dogs is not the only game that passes through the process. Ubisoft also confirmed that the next-gen racing game of their flagship, The Crew postponed and you can get Pokemon Go hack.

The Crew – a racing game that is more emphasis on cooperative multiplayer experience turned out to be one game to be delayed after the Watch Dogs Ubisoft. Had planned to be released in early 2014, Ubisoft pushed the release of The Crew in the third quarter of 2014. Yves Guillemot – CEO of Ubisoft stated that the decision was made to ensure the satisfaction of gamers in the end result has to offer. This of course is also based on the desire Ubisoft to establish a franchise that can sustain financial performance Ubisoft itself on Pokemon Go.
As a policy which they also apply to Watch Dogs, Ubisoft also confirmed delays next-gen racing game they – The Crew, from early 2014 to the third quarter of 2014.

So for those of you who are looking forward to the presence of Watch Dogs and Pokemon Go the same time, you seem to have to hold your gaming desires at least until next year. Especially considering the time of the release of The Crew which is delayed longer than Watch Dogs. You are killing us, Ubisoft!

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