Homefront 2 Continues Developed Crytek

Homefront 2 Continues Developed Crytek

Making North Korea as the main enemy after the change of leadership does not only make Homefront as a FPS with a unique plot, but also accurate. Being a remarkable forecast, most of the predictions being thrown THQ’s flagship game in the past have proved to be the case. Unfortunately, the charm of this one to be undermined by the inability of the developer – Kaos Studios to offer a charming gameplay elements. Repetitive, poor visuals, and gameplay that messy coloring game is so anticipated in the past. However, the collapse of THQ would open new avenues for Homefront.

The destruction THQ turned out to generate new avenues for Homefront to fester back in the gaming industry. No kidding, the destruction THQ finally bring this franchise fell into the hands of a seasoned developer – Crytek. So what about the process of developing the sequel series itself? Although not yet formally present it to the public, Nick Button-Brown confirmed the existence of Crytek Homefront 2. He stressed that the development process is still ongoing at the hands of Crytek UK, and shows the progress that is promising. Progress that is designed to redefine the name of “Homefront”.
Crytek re-assured that the process of developing Homefront 2 is still in progress in the hands of Crytek UK and can visit NBA Live Mobile 2017 Hack.

A thousand pities, no extra details related to when we will enjoy this game in the future or what platform it will be developed. How about you? Are you among gamers who look forward to welcoming Homefront 2? Or disappointment with the first Homefront makes this sequel is no longer attractive?

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