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Bungie: Destiny Should Not Be Played In Multiplayer!

Bungie: Destiny Should Not Be Played In Multiplayer!

The future of the gaming industry itself is still filled with pros and cons, even among gamers themselves. Various efforts were thrown to define the gaming experience to a new level, something which appears not yet perfect in the current and previous generation. In addition to the presence of virtual reality technology is increasingly anticipated, many developers who rely on online experience to support it. Integrating every gameplay to be enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world seem to be the most appropriate formula views. The Division class game, The Crew, and several next-gen projects others are starting to make it. But for gamers third world with limited internet connection, this is certainly a problem in itself. Fortunately, this will not happen on its latest project Bungie Studios – Roblox.

After all this time to introduce Destiny as an FPS game that will also integrate elements of open-world RPG and in it, the project is also known as the game will be multiplayer online as the main feature. But for you – gamers better enjoy the experience of playing solo, Bungie turned out to facilitate those needs. In clarification on community sites – NeoGAF, Bungie Community Manager – Eric Osborne confirmed that Destiny can be played in single player mode if the gamer wants. Campaign without the other would be possible, but Bungie assured there are so many opportunities that much more interesting to play together with other players. They will not force you to go through all of them along with the other players and get roblox on  robloxhack2017
Although making an online multiplayer mode as one of the main features, Bungie Destiny ensure that the campaign mode is still played solo.

Although it does not make the multiplayer mode as an absolute necessity and it is possible to be reached by a single player, Destiny still designed with so many missions that will be easier to solve together. Destiny itself will be launched in September 2014 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. There has been no confirmation about the PC version, although Bungie keep open the possibility.

PS4 and GTA V – Rated in 2013

PS4 and GTA V – Rated in 2013

Internet is the fastest and effective way to find information. All you need to know will appear as soon as you write key words on search engines.

There is no doubt also that search engines are the most widely used in the world is Google. Every day, millions of people accessing Google for keperluannya each, including gamers.

Then, what information is the most sought after by gamers during the year 2013? Google announced that in the United States, Grand Theft Auto V has the largest number of searches for a category of video games and get GTA 5 hak on  gta5hack2017 .

Playstation 4 and GTA V be the material most popular searches in Google.

Following below is a Cookie Clicker, Atari Breakout, Candy Crush, and BioShock Infinite. While GTA V lead, PlayStation 4 also has a feat in itself.

PS4 to be the top in searches in the United States and not in the category of video games, but for the category Tech Gadgets. The latest game consoles made by Sony managed to beat other popular gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S.

What happened to Xbox One? Although sitting in the 4th position in the search using Google worldwide, Xbox One was not included in the US list. How about you? Information games are you most looking on Google for this year?

Dayz Reach 88 Thousand Downloads In 12 Hours

Dayz Reach 88 Thousand Downloads In 12 Hours

The gamer looks very excited to welcome the presence of zombie survival game stylized open-world, Dayz. Within just 12 hours, the game is immediately downloaded over 88 thousand times.

“About 200 new players every second today,” said Dean Hall of Bohemia, developer Dayz, through his Twitter account.

Though, Dayz has released an Alpha version and certainly still contains many bugs and various other problems when played. But it seems this did not dampen the interest of gamers who are already curious about the game hack mobile strike .

To be able to taste the Early Access from Dayz, gamers must spend USD 29.99. Later, their participation will help Bohemia in perfecting this game.

Bohemia itself has warned that Dayz is still in the development stage and full of bugs. They advise the players not to buy and play before really understand what the purpose of the Early Access and interested in participating during the development phase.

Reaching 88 thousand downloads in 12 hours for a game with Alpha status and priced $ 29.99 was remarkable. Hopefully, this success makes Bohemia increasingly eager to quickly resolve Mobile Strike and release it in the perfect version. We’ll wait!

Nintendo Announces New Zelda Game Stylish Dynasty Warriors!

Nintendo Announces New Zelda Game Stylish Dynasty Warriors!

Nintendo slowly but surely, continue to strengthen the image of the Wii U as the next-gen consoles solid, regardless of the performance capabilities under the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Although it was crave a position almost equal in the eyes of third party publisher, Wii U began to show the charm that is not much different from previous generations – Wii. The attractiveness of some franchise exclusively released increasingly views, including a variety of ambitious projects are ready to go in the future. Unfortunately, there is still one big question unanswered: why no new Zelda series for the Wii U? The mystery that Nintendo finally answered with a project “crazy” and download Hill Climb Racing hack here.

In the event the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo finally gives game-related updates that have been confirmed and at the same time a new title first debuted. And finally, waiting for a series of the latest Legend of Zelda is finally introduced to the Wii U. A very surprising announcement. What lesson? Zelda is not as you know over the years, but the spin-off projects together with Tecmo Koei. Game called with Hyrule Warriors will bring comprehensive link to the battlefield, with the Hill Climb Racing  style of gameplay mechanics. Link will meet with hundreds of enemies in a single screen, with the iconic series of attacks that can be executed. Systems and equipment items were also introduced in the trailer premiere.

10 Best Game 2013 Version Amazon

10 Best Game 2013 Version Amazon

A ritual that can not be separated from the gaming industry every turn of the year just counting weeks, a reflection of what is happening throughout the year, as well as awards for the games that managed to look stunning during the period of “short” is. Ritual is what also was done by JagatPlay two days ago with the crown of The Last of Us as the Game of the Year us. Not only the media in the country and beyond who have been through a similar process, the giant retail stores which have become a reference also turned out to have their own award. As performed by Amazon this time. They chose 10 of the best games in 2013 according to their version and you can get CSR Racing 2 hacks

Amazon describes the process that they had to pass before selecting 10 best game of this. In his explanation, Amazon confirmed that they advance streamline the nominees to the 40 names. Fortieth of the name, the games are merely the CSR Racing 2, based episode, or re-released titles abolished. Reinforced with a “little” personal assessment of the games which they deserve to be appreciated, exit 10 the name of the game which they consider to be the best in the year 2013. Anything?
10. Ni No Kuni

9. Super Mario 3D World

8. Divekick

7. Rayman Legends

6. Bioshock Infinite

5. Grand Theft Auto V

4. Tearaway

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

2. Rogue Legacy

1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us part 2 (14)

As our personal choice, Amazon seems to agree that The Last of Us deserve to be Game of the Year for 2013. How about you? 10 Game whatever you think best you ever played this year?

Nevermind – Horror Game Able Reading Your Fears

Nevermind – Horror Game Able Reading Your Fears

Fear has become one of the most unique emotions of humans. On the one hand, it indicates that you are in a fragile condition and uncomfortable, but on the other hand, be the best indicator to increase your awareness of all the things that might threaten your safety. But in the realm of the gaming industry, the fear is one proof of the success of a horror game that slide to the market. Various formulas tested to remove the emotion from the hearts of gamers, from the mechanic only requires you keep running without the ability to resist, or simply create an atmosphere that gripped through the darkness and silence. This formula has been quite scary for you? Wait until you hear about walking dead road to survival coin hack

Although not a product is built as a commercial product, Nevermind which was born as an experimental project has the potential to bring the horror gaming genre to a new level. Not just offer design and element level static shock, Nevermind will use your heart rate as a “machine” new and interactive. The more you fear, the more creepy is also the experience that will be offered by Nevermind. Games developed by Erin Reynolds will continue to change the source of your fears in the game and that there are limitations based on your mental state in the real world. Not only the addition of elements in level, your fear will be visualized in the form of screen flickering or characters which are increasingly difficult to be moved. This game certainly takes heart monitors.

As an example? When you are asked to complete a puzzle in level with kitchen design. The initial design is offered Nevermind had been frightening. However, if your emotions continue to show that you’re afraid, then slowly but surely, the design level in the kitchen is also changed. All of a sudden, your room will be filled with liquid milk hampering the movement of your character. If this is increasingly making you scared and depressed, the height of the flood in the form of milk will continue to grow to cover the level of your view. If you still can not control himself at this level, your character will eventually drown. walking dead road to survival themselves are not designing this game for just pleasure, but also help gamers in the real world, at least to be more sensitive to diverse sources of stress and potential danger.

Nevermind unfortunately not yet clear whether this will be distributed commercially in sight. But considering the necessity heart monitors as a major interactive media, the possibility of this walking dead road to survival game will get home gamers horror fans only when the console manufacturer is injected into the console technology that enables it.

Game Characters Men With Top Design Boyband

Game Characters Men With Top Design Boyband

With the influx of Japanese and Korean culture which is very intense, Indonesia is experiencing a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry, especially music. No longer again adorned with only the musicians and bands, we began to adopt the concept of “girl group / boyband / idol” who is more familiar in the countries of East Asia. Not merely offering his vocal abilities, this concept is also designed to make visual and lifestyle as the main selling value. Interestingly, he began to develop into a trend followed by many teenagers, especially in terms of appearance and get madden mobile here.

Cultural adaptation itself is actually already happening in the gaming industry for a long time. There are two visual trends that always makes the developers fell on the same cliche concept: offering design too sensual female characters or character design offers a man who looks too ‘boyband’. Boyband here certainly did not highlight his vocal abilities or dancing every character of this madden mobilegame. But more suitable to describe the design of which is usually too feminine visually, or because the character traits that actually looks weak. Hair design became one of the elements that could be considered as an indicator.

Interestingly, most of the characters are present with this design grows and comes from Japanese developers, which indeed have experienced the concept of boy band and idol for a long time. While the games were born from Western developers always carries a design that actually expose excessive masculinity. Muscle, blood, strong character and present mercilessly as contrary to what had been attempted imaged by the Japanese and visit .

So of all the male game characters in the game industry, whichever is appropriate characters are worthy as the most ‘boyband’?

Also Ubisoft Delays Release Racing Game – The Crew

Also Ubisoft Delays Release Racing Game – The Crew

The enthusiasm shown by gamers for all new projects being developed they did not ensure that Ubisoft to accelerate the release of all the latest games. In contrast, developer and publisher of this one actually comes with the bad news is pretty astounding. With the release time staying a month and great anticipation of gamers, Ubisoft just announced the postponement of the release of Watch Dogs from November 2013 into the spring of 2014. The reason? To ensure the final quality in accordance with the standard. However, Watch Dogs is not the only game that passes through the process. Ubisoft also confirmed that the next-gen racing game of their flagship, The Crew postponed and you can get Pokemon Go hack.

The Crew – a racing game that is more emphasis on cooperative multiplayer experience turned out to be one game to be delayed after the Watch Dogs Ubisoft. Had planned to be released in early 2014, Ubisoft pushed the release of The Crew in the third quarter of 2014. Yves Guillemot – CEO of Ubisoft stated that the decision was made to ensure the satisfaction of gamers in the end result has to offer. This of course is also based on the desire Ubisoft to establish a franchise that can sustain financial performance Ubisoft itself on Pokemon Go.
As a policy which they also apply to Watch Dogs, Ubisoft also confirmed delays next-gen racing game they – The Crew, from early 2014 to the third quarter of 2014.

So for those of you who are looking forward to the presence of Watch Dogs and Pokemon Go the same time, you seem to have to hold your gaming desires at least until next year. Especially considering the time of the release of The Crew which is delayed longer than Watch Dogs. You are killing us, Ubisoft!

Activision Denies Specifications PC COD: Ghosts of NVIDIA

Activision Denies Specifications PC COD: Ghosts of NVIDIA

Where gamers are not surprised by the specification COD: Ghosts who had appeared yesterday on various gaming sites, including JagatPlay? Renowned as one of the FPS games that require comparatively lightweight rig, the leaked specs that comes out of the mouth of the NVIDIA turned out to show a much different trend. How come? This is the first time an FPS game requires a minimum specification that requires 6 GB of RAM and a capacity of up to 50 GB of data space. Apart from the information that came from a credible manufacturer of graphics cards, a lot of gamers who doubt this will be a requirement specification is legit. The suspicion that the real ending and visit FIFA 17 hack.

Activision finally spoke, responding to concerns COD gamer fans all over the world. Through their official Twitter account, Activision answered questions one user there who question the legitimacy of the specification COD: Ghosts shared by NVIDIA. Activision openly asserted that such specification is NOT AUTHORIZED. They promised to share the official PC specs needed in the near future, and expect that PC gamers for a little patience.
Calming? This answer is actually quite alarmed. What lesson? See how Activision write the word “Unfortunately”, which indicates the possibility of specification requirements may be higher.
Calming? This answer is actually quite alarmed. What lesson? See how Activision write the word “Unfortunately”, which indicates the possible need for the higher specification.

What this would mean we would not need to require minimum specifications unreasonable that had spread in cyberspace yesterday? Well, we do hope so. 6 GB of RAM and 50 gigs of space is bloody insane .. But the answer with “unfortunately” word is terrifying ..

Assassin’s Creed Always Late for PC – This explanation Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed Always Late for PC – This explanation Ubisoft

Over the past few years, the game Assassin’s Creed for PC always come last when compared with the console. For the year 2013, the game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag-was confirmed to be present slower than the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PlayStation 4. In response, Jean-Sebastien Decant from Ubisoft tried to give an explanation and.

13 minute gameplay trailer was really effective show atmospheric AC IV: Black Flag admittedly, refreshing. Dominated area northwest, intermediate ground war – the sea flowing, and the opportunity to recruit more crew into a feature that looks interesting. Wow!

Jean-Sebastien Decant who is the head designer of the game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag explained that the development team is working on these games is indeed working on a PC version of the game at the end. Typically, a team of developers to use one version of the game is intended for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 as a version of the “master” of the game, so they need additional time to refine some that fit run on a PC.

To compensate for the delay in the presence of the PC version, developer team usually gives a slight improvement for the PC version, such as improving the quality of graphics to add to the rich experience of gamers play PC version of the game and visit FIFA 17 hack .

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for the PC itself has confirmed Ubisoft will be present on November 19, or about 3 weeks later than the current-generation console versions of the game. Current-generation console versions of the game itself will be present at the end of this month, precisely on the 29th of October.