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Month: March 2017

Maxis Ready to Support User Generated Content in SimCity

Maxis Ready to Support User Generated Content in SimCity

Maxis, the developer of SimCity, plans to allow the presence of user generated content, or so-called mod, in their popular game, Sim City. One of the employees Maxis with ID MaxisKane some time ago announced an early version of the relevant regulations of the user generated content on the official EA forum to see the reaction and input from the public on the plan.

User generated content is allowed to be presented by Maxis SimCity is set as the content does not disturb the course of the gameplay of the game. Additionally, content created may not cause effects for multiplayer games and features that exist in the game. Party Maxis explained that the content in the form of replacement of the visual appearance of a building or a vehicle that is in the game, including the type of content is allowed.

Over the next few weeks, employees of Maxis will continue to monitor the development of the thread and collecting various existing entries. After that, they will formulate a final version of the regulation to include inputs that exist you can visit

For the Maxis, user generated content is not new. Some previous games they have adopted similar things intended to enrich the experience of the players playing their games. However, the Maxis feel they still need input from gamers associated regulations restricting what kind of user generated content that can be made for the game.